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Gear List

A fully stocked studio

We’re pretty darn proud of our gear selection. Whether you’re an engineer or musician, you’ll find an incredible roster of recording gear and musical instruments. From vintage to modern tones and textures, you’ll have no problem crafting the perfect sound for your record.

Recording / Mixing

Recording Console | API 1608 16-Channel
API has been producing some of the best recording consoles in the world since the late 1960s. It’s big, punchy sound has been heard on many legendary recordings. The 1608 is the culmination of decades of research and development, resulting in a console that is both flexible and incredible sounding.

More about our API 1608

Tape Machine | MCI 2″ 24 Track
Nothing gives an instant vibe to your recording quite like tracking to analog tape. Our vintage MCI 24 track, 2” tape machine has been lovingly restored by Chris Mara in Nashville, TN.
**Additional tape costs may apply

– Apple Mac Pro
– Pro Tools HDX System (48 inputs)
– Logic Pro X
– Slate Raven Multi-Touch Control Surface
– Full UAD plug-in suite
– lots of other plugins

– Barefoot Microman 27
– My Mix: 8-channel personal mix system

External Microphone Preamps
– (2) Vintage Neve V76
– (2) Calreq PQ 1161
– (2) RFT MV/810
– (2) ADM (???)
– (9) Universal Audio 610
– (1) Acme Audio Motown Pre/DI

Compressors and Dynamics
– (2) API 527
– Opticom 527
– 1176 Blue Stripe (clone)
– DBX 165 A
– Empirical Labs Distressor

– Flea 47
– Flea 12
– Upton 251
– Many more: vintage, new, ribbons, condensers. All of the mics you’d expect and more.


– 1860 Steinway Grand Model A
– Spinnit Console Piano
– Hammond B3 with Leslie 147
– 70s Rhodes Stage Piano
– Wurlitzer 140B Electric Piano
– Farfisa Compact
– Lots of vintage synths

Drums & Percussion
– 50s Rogers
– 60s Trixion
– 70s Ludwig
– 80s Noble & Cooley Horizons
– Congas and other world music instruments
– Shakers, tambourines and other hand-held percussion

Vintage and new – tube and solid state

Vintage, new, classic, unique, custom, acoustic, electric, 6 string, 12 string, bass and baritone